Donor, Delta BC Canada (Vancouver)

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by FreeSperm » 04 Sep 2009

Hello everyone.

I am available to assist in making babies to anyone from the Vancouver BC area. Here are some details about me.

- White
- Irish/Scottish heritage, possibly some first nations.
- Green eyes, brown hair, long eyelashes, tan easily.
- 1.524 m tall, 81kg weight.
- Computer programmer
- Scuba diver, motorcycle rider.
- 4 kids (possibly 5 soon). Youngest (out of womb) is 2.
- willing to donate via AI or NI (your decision)
- sorry no shipping.

Let me know if I can assist with your desire to have a child.

by Aoife3 » 13 Mar 2015

Hi I am looking for some one of that descent and you assistance would be greatly appreciated

by samie002 » 29 Jan 2016

Hi there I'm looking to expand my family I'm a single mother of two boys I'm looking for a donor I think this is the best way if ur interested plz message me back

by Looking77 » 10 Mar 2016

Hi there

My wife and I are looking to start our family. If your interested lemme know.


by mitch10 » 20 Jul 2016


I am looking for a donor in the Vancouver area.

Please contact me

by ZenMama » 13 Dec 2016

Hey there. new to this site. I'm looking for a sperm donor and you sound like a good fit. I also have Irish backgekund and green eyes.

by Opheliam » 19 Jan 2017

Are you willing to travel to Kelowna?

by Sammy18 » 26 Jan 2017

I am 5'8", 200 lb, healthy Asian male from Toronto, University graduate and an independent professional working for a reputed organization. I am based out of Toronto but travel arrangements can be made post discussion. I have STI test results to prove I'm clean. I have no genetic issues in the family, physical or mental, and consider myself to be pretty smart and successful. I am not interested in co-parenting arrangement and am fine with not being involved in the child's life. I am passionate about assisting the community by giving this precious gift to all those needy mothers.Contact me if interested.

by Yvrlas » 27 Aug 2018

Curious if your still interested in donating? I would be interested in talking with you further if you are.

by F12345 » 04 Nov 2018

Hello, I would be interested in contacting you regarding donation. I’m a single female wanting kids and I think you would be a perfect fit for what I am looking for. How can I contact you?

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