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Have you ever been a free sperm donor or a coparent in Canada? Many men and women looking for a free sperm donor on, are eager to hear what you have to say about your own experience.

by mobstar99 » 02 Dec 2015

Healthy, educated, successful male with one child of my own and one success from this site. I'm 6'2, dark hair and eyes, with an athletic body. I'm intelligent and university educated. I'm open to all method of donations, I would just be honoured to help anyway I can.

I'm healthy and fit, recent std test performed. No historic of mental or health disorders in my family. I've been blessed with good genes and would be extremely happy to help anyone looking to expand or start a family. Messaged me on here to get this started and hopefully I can be your match.



by hill123456 » 11 Dec 2015

Hi, is it possible to contact you?

by samie002 » 29 Jan 2016

Hi there I'm looking to expand my family I'm a single mother of two boys I'm looking for a donor I think this is the best way I'm not seeking co parenting but if u want to be in the babies life that's fine with me so if ur interested plz message me back

by kcic » 31 Jan 2016

Hi i'm a single woman looking to start a family. I'm only interested in AI, not co-parenting but if you'd like to have visitations or play an 'uncle' role that would be fine.

by Xoxashleyx » 18 Feb 2016

Very interested in speaking with you !! Please message

by Miller32 » 24 Mar 2016

I am also very interested.

Are you still available? If so please contact me.

by karen40 » 26 Mar 2016

I am interested in talking to you if you are still available

by SharkieS » 26 Mar 2016

Hi very interested to talk please contact me.

by mobstar1 » 06 Apr 2016

Yes, I am still available and would be very happy to help anyone that is interested. The only caveat is you must be willing to travel to kingston.

I had to create a new account, so please contact me through my new account. The account I posted this thread with is no longer active.

I am willing to provide photos of myself once we have begun communicating. :D

by Ocumay » 26 Jun 2017

Hi I'm looking for a donor, I'm hoping to do this summer and be successful, I'm wanting to do AI, I'm very interested in
Speaking with u

by Ocumay » 26 Jun 2017

Hi I'm looking for a donor for AI hopefully to do this
Summer and be successful I'm interested in speaking with you

by Kburley » 12 Jul 2017

We are very interested if you are still available?

by Mel1974 » 31 Jul 2017


I'm a single women who wants to have her first child

I live in Montréal but could come to Kingston, if this offer still stands

by April37 » 20 Nov 2017

Good Afternoon,

I live close by and am considering a donor. You sound like you could be a good match. Please contact me.

by mobstar1 » 19 Aug 2018

I haven't been on this site in a little bit seeing as I was able to successfully help to member conceive a baby, I thought I would take a little break. However, I am ready again and hoping to help more people enjoy the joy of raising a child. Please do not contact if you would like me to be involved, I have a family of my own. NI is preferred to increase likelihood of success, just my personal experience....

by TLM7668 » 16 Nov 2018

I really liked your bio and would love to talk to you more to see about myself and my hubby having at least 1 child.. I am a young 42 and my husband is much older than I and is having issues that we don’t know will be solved.. I am open to all options available.. We live fairly close, in Bancroft Ontario and I would love to hear more about you!!!
Thanks, Tara..

by Beth79 » 26 Nov 2018

Im a single woman looking to have a child on my own, but open to co parenting as well as NI...please contact me if you would like to chat and or meet in person

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