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by mongol » 04 Jul 2011

Hello board,

I'm a healthy donor with 3 recent successes. I'm hoping to help someone but I'd want to stay anonymous from the children... I'm not seeking involvement or coparenting.

I'm 6' tall, 200 lbs and in good health. I have STI test results to prove I'm clean. I have no genetic issues in the family, physical or mental, and consider myself to be pretty smart and successful.

If you're someone who would like to be pregnant with no further involvement from me, please contact me. I'd love to have your dream come true!


by Ceal » 21 Apr 2015

Hello, my partner and I are looking for a donor with no future involvement with the child.

by Crystalg » 26 Oct 2015

Hello that is exactly what me and my partner are looking for! I've always wanted a baby but no involvement is perfect just please let me know. And thank you!

by LMC1981 » 22 Nov 2015


My wife and I would like to chat more with you!
Cheers Mate

by ksla3196 » 24 Nov 2015


My partner and I would love to talk more with you. Please send a message.

Thank you for what you do,

by ganlewis » 06 Jan 2016

I'm available as a donor as well. I live in Toronto. I'm open to talk about the legal needs and requirements of the recipient family. I'm privately educated 24 year old male.

by BSmith22 » 09 Jan 2016

We are a married lesbian couple looking to have a baby of our own. I am not able to get messages but please wink and then we can chat.

by samie002 » 29 Jan 2016

Hi there I'm interested in expanding my family I'm a single mother with two boys I think this is the best way I'm fine with u not wanting to be involved in the baby's life as I'm looking for a donor only I don't want to co parnet

by JnK » 20 Feb 2016

We are a lesbian couple that have been married 5yrs. We have been trying to have a child of our own with the help of a fertility clinic. We can no longer afford the clinic but don't want to give up on our dreams of having a child of our own one day. If you are still donating and are willing to help out we would appreciate you getting in touch with us so we can talk and see if you are the perfect donor for us.
Thanks for keeping our dreams alive.


by KatNShay » 21 Feb 2016

Hello my husband and I are completely new to this but we are very eager to get started. I am very fertile but my husband is transgender and therefore we are in need of a donor. One who is willing to get started right away, willing to do AI only and does not want any contact after the fact. Preferably blonde or brown hair, Caucasian, Blue or green eyes. I do have 2 boys already, however we believe a child is a wonderful gift and my husband and I would love the chance to have one. Also to allow our boys to have the joys of being older siblings as we both come from big families and know the feeling of having someone look up to you. :) please if your a match we are willing to travel.

by SharkieS » 26 Mar 2016

Very interested to speak with you please contact me

by nik1982 » 21 Apr 2016

I'm very interested... Please message me

by Kaylea22 » 20 Nov 2016

I am extremely interested. I am in the KW area. Please view my profile and contact me if you feel we may be a good match, I would love to chat. I am looking for someone who wants no future involvement.

by lullaby » 28 Dec 2016

I am interested in talking with you, please send me a message.

by PleasMum » 14 Jan 2017

Hi there
Please PM me to further the conversation.
Thank you ;)

by Sammy18 » 21 Jan 2017

I am a healthy Asian (Brown) male in Toronto who is offering my sperm to a loving couple or woman to fulfill their dreams of being a mother. I am not interested in co-parenting arrangement and am fine with not being involved in the child's life. I am university graduate and work for reputed Tech company. I am passionate about assisting the community by giving this precious gift to all those mothers.

I am a 5'8", Asian male who is healthy physically. Preferred method of donation is AI but is open to discussion but no shipping. I am based out of Toronto but ready to travel outside if required. I am also open for conversations with interested women and couples to see if I could be a good fit for your future family. Most of my other details are already included in my profile.

by rituami » 25 Jan 2017

I am 28 year old male living in Waterloo, Canada.I'm not looking for any involvement or co-parenting.

I'm 170 cm tall, and have athlete body . I have no genetic issues in the family, physical or mental, and consider myself to be very healthy. I am willing to share medical test which ever is required.

If you're someone who is looking for sperm donor or would like to be pregnant with no further involvement from me, please contact me. I'd love to have your dream come true!.

by cbc37 » 23 Feb 2017

Hi Rituami,

We are interested. Let's get in contact.

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