Dark skin guy available to donate/coparent

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by HandsomeG » 27 Oct 2015

Hi any one in BC looking for a sperm donor or coparenting?, i will be honored to donate to you. I can travel down to donate. AI or NI is fine by me. Let's make babies. Am healthy, non smoker, drug free, STD free. I have recent test result to back this up. Send me a message

by Aquarious » 25 Nov 2015

Hi, I'm in Portland, Or. Would that location work for you?

by HandsomeG » 26 Nov 2015

Hi Aquarious, is that in BC, Canada?. I can only travel within BC.

by billy » 28 Sep 2017

Similar to me as well. As a donor can our dna be mailed

by BCf29 » 25 Nov 2018

I am very interested in your ad. I’m mixed race, so I think we could blend nicely ;-) Let me know if you’re interested.

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