Cost of having a baby

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by INDIAN77 » 24 Mar 2016

Hi I am still trying to decide if this is the right step for me to have a baby. I wanted to know if anyone could help me know the cost of delivering a baby. I do not make much money on the job I work at and I do not have any family to support me. I also had to do a short sale on my home and have debt from that I am still paying on. I am trying to research all my options before I decide what I want to do. I looked at the cost of artificial insemination. I have tried to look to see how much it cost to have a baby as well as all the dr visits. If anyone who has gone thru this can assist me in telling me who and what I can go to find info on this it would be much appreciated. I am literally not sure what to do at this point as I am 42 yrs old and have limited time to conceive. thank you

by love100 » 09 Apr 2016

When u get this info,
Can u pass it on to me.
I completely understand where u are coming from.

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