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by joe8282 » 17 Jan 2017

Hi there.

I'm a mid-thirities guy. I've always thought I'd be a Dad. I've kinda followed that path, setup a house, good stable life. Travelled a lot, got comfortable with myself. Now I'm pretty well ready, I'm thinking about it...I want it. I'm gay. I've tried to figure out seems, very uphill.
Remember being teenagers and being taught don't let it happen by accident? LOL
I'm a professional, I find solutions. Sometimes I think about every possibility...well I always do, layer the options together..Sometimes the solution is wayy complicated. Maybe this most natural thing should be that, as simple and natural as possible, in the modern world.

I was 27 when I first had sex with a woman. I was going on vacation alone, I've made a point of experiencing life. It started to bother me, I hadn't tried it. Webster's definition of sex. I get to a remote Cubian resort, and have a drink. I'm feeling great, the place is kinda quiet except the disco, it's already 9. I check over the room, there's this one hot dude and his gf dancing. He'd be hot. Then there's this pretty girl alone, or standing alone but hanging with some people. She turns, notices me and smiles. I think, this is possible. Ugh, but what, how do I pick up a girl?
I chat her up. She's a german adoption born Vietnam. After maybe an hour she comes back to my room, we keep chatting. I feel nervous and don't want to take advantage of her. It's different than guys. Guys just bang, gay guys...hard and fast.
She hangs with me, talking , then laying down, cuddling. Still nervous, still don't want to push things. She asks me if I have a girlfriend, I don't. She finds it hard to believe. Am I lying? I make sure, she's making the first moves. After a while she goes back to her room. We didn't mess around, but I'm super excited, I think she was interested.
It's morning, I hit the gym. She finds me. A few days of back and forth, I'm in no rush. Then one afternoon she finds me on the beach, tells me she wants to hang in my room or something some excuse. We walk though the door...It like like normal but new, we fuck, immediately, raw. I cum inside her, maybe after the second squirt I pull out. She tells me she's leaving right then, she's late, she's got my email.

Fast forward to present. I'm still gay. But now I'm thinking about that trip, that experience, over and over.

Sign off--In the 6ix

Advice? Comments...

by Caitlin7 » 03 Jun 2018

I have read your post and often wondered if a gay guy would even consider having kids the old fashioned way. I am an older woman of 43 and desperately want a baby. Looking for NI. Where are you located and are you still looking? Co parent would be good with the right person.

by Kaillouu » 08 Jun 2018

You could be a dad already ;)

I’m 34 I’ve dated and had sex with men but I’ve had three relationships since I was 23 and I have been with my girlfriend for five years she has two children which I’ve helped raise for the last five years but I want one of my own as well or two!

I’m very interested I’m in BC I own my own property as d successful business for 10 years blah blah :)

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