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by bartleby » 28 Apr 2018

Hello, I’m from Brazil. I live in São Paulo. But I’m willing to go to Canada for the insemination and after to go live in Canada near to my son or daughter. I seek specially co-parenting, but it could be donation as well.

Why a son or daughter in Canada? Notwithstanding the extreme cold, I’m passionate about Canada. I think it’s a very progressive country, with open-minded people. Canadians are free and respectful. I live the culture, I have watched a lot of Canadian movies and documentaries. I read Canadian authors. I think it’s a good country to have children. It’s safe, it has good education and an amazing mental environment.

I’m 24, will be 25 soon. I study in the best university of South America, a degree in Library Sciences. Before that, I spent 3 years studying Film Studies. I’m a voracious reader and know much about Latin-American and Brazilian cinema. I go often to museums and art galleries. This is to say I’m a person who values knowledge and I want my son or daughter to have an humanistic and artistic education and want he or she to be a curious, respectful, pacifist and inquisitive person.

I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. He or she would be bilingual in Portuguese, and I could help with Spanish as well. I also would want them to know about the poets and writers in the Portuguese language.

I’m white, have black hair etc. You can check my photo on the profile and I can send you more, naturally. Curiously, my beard is a little red-haired. My heritage is majorly Portuguese. I’m 1,75 cm. Nice health. No one in my family wears glasses, is bald or had cancer or any serious infirmity.

I’m jewish, but non-religious. The boy or the girl won’t be jewish! Only are jewish those born from a jewish mother. But I’m not going to interfere in religious questions, it’s not very important to me. It’s no problem if it is for you.

I’m a pacifist. I’m very calm, very open-minded. I like to read the stoic Greek philosophers. I’ve lived in Buddhist temple for 1 month. I’m gay. I don’t drink nor smoke. I don’t fight for unimportant stuff. I’m not materialistic.

Having a son or daughter is a dream. So I'm here very serious.

I don’t care about your social class, race, age, if you have or don’t have money etc.

I’m open to any kind of deal: the kid having much or not much contact with me or having no contact whatsoever.

If you are interested, we can talk more.

by anglaura » 25 Jun 2018

I’m interested:) message me

by Marie514 » 28 Jun 2018

Message me

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