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by ehuang » 07 Aug 2018

I'm looking for a co-parent arrangement, or someone who needs a sperm donor.

I'm a principal computer software engineer in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area, USA) with an advanced degree from a top university in the United States. Being a very intelligent, active, and responsible man, I have a healthy life style and stable financial status. I'm willing to be a sperm donor or make a co-parenting arrangement, and I can take care of most or all costs for a co-parenting arrangement.

If you are interested in talking to me, you need to send me a message by following the steps (I guess these are the right steps): login to your account, click on "search" icon at the top, put my name: eric huang AND my user name: ehuang, and then click on Search at the bottom part . I believe you need to buy a subscription before you can do anything in this website. I bought a six month subscription.

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