Chinese Male with US, Canada, Hong Kong Citizenship Looking

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by Bowman8 » 26 Mar 2018

I'm a Chinese male with US, Canada and Hong Kong citizenship looking for an asian female to co-parent with.

I am getting older and I want a child in my life and will of course take care of the child and you as well.

If you are interested, please include your profile link so I can see who you are and get to know you more.

by mingru » 27 Mar 2018

Hi I am a 38yo divorced Chinese female looking for co-parenting. I am well educated and will be a good mum, but don't want to get married just for having kids. I am living in Australia. That's about me. If you interested please tell me a bit of you

by Asian99 » 30 Mar 2018

Hi Mingru,

I'm Bowman8 and I made a new username because I want to be more anonymous since this is a public forum.

I am open to the idea and I would be a good dad as well. I am an accounting professional and I graduated from a top university.

Let's talk more in private, what is your contact information? Do you have skype?

by mingru » 30 Apr 2018

Hi I did not mean to be irresponsive. I did try to reply a few times but none of messages were posted successful
Here is my profile in the website
If you are interested to go further please sent me a direct message.
Thank you.

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