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by Craig495 » 20 Mar 2018

Hi all - new to this whole world, and terribly excited. It's always been a dream of mine to help a couple have a child.

I've talked to some lawyers and it sounds like there is no real way to be protected against child support unless sperm is donated through a doctor. Are there any ways around this? I already have a couple close to home that is interested but the costs, time, and legal jargon are driving us crazy! It looks like mailing sperm and doing things without a doctor are pretty common here.

I don't think that the couple would take me to court, but at the same time I have to be a realist. A substantial number of marriages end in divorce and there is always the possibility that I could be hit up for child support some time. What's a guy to do?

by doval » 06 Apr 2018

I can only speak for the laws in New York State, but child support laws are fairly uniform throughout the states. In New York, a custodial parent cannot fully waive child support, as it is a right of the child and not the parent. Your best bet would be to have your parental rights legally terminated, which really should involve a lawyer.

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