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by serbind » 28 Oct 2014

I live in Indonesia Caucasian male from Europe,Slavic/Greek ethnicity.I have 4children on my own.Experienced donor, already helped few people to have child. 5times Ai donnor for IVF in Malaysia.In last 4years I fathered 3kids,my own daughter with my partner,another girl with heterosexual couple and a boy with lesbian couple from Singapore.All 3are with Asian mothers and they are very beautiful with curly hair.
I am willing to assist anyone who needs help to extend the family,irespectable of race, status,ethnicity or sexual orientation.
Willing to donate by Ai,Normal or Home insemenation,Last two has to be agreed by both sides,and with aproval of your partner,if any.
I dont have plan to be involved un uprising potential child nor to be involved in childs life.If you as a mother willing to let child know me when reaches 18years of age your decission will be welcomed by me.
Few more words about my self,I am 48and still in good health, no known disorders,no STD and never used ilegal drugs.I am well educated and well travelled.Shawing bold at the moment,originaly curly brown hair, brown/greenish eyes,170cm/90kg.Willing to travel,prefered SE Asia.
If anyone interested drop me a line here and we will star from there.

by Lll » 22 Jan 2020

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