Caucasian woman seeking Asian man for NI near Chicago

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by Chicago1 » 01 Aug 2016

I'm an attractive caucasian woman married to an Asian man. I desperately want a child but my husband has sexual dysfunction issues. I'm looking for natural insemination and would prefer to get started ASAP. I can provide pics upon request.

by WIdonor » 01 Aug 2016

I'm a donor in Wisconsin and Chicago is only a few hours away. As long as you cover my gas and tolls I'm willing to travel.

by yipengta » 02 Aug 2016

I am a very healthy male who leads very active life style. I have very high education and know multiple languages. I have a son who is very smart and good looking. I want to help other people who want to have own children. Kids are the gifts of life and we all need to treasure. I have a very kind and good heart, so I want to be a sperm donor for those who want to be real parents or mother. I would be very happy to help those people and see their life changes and new members come into their lives. Isn't it such a wonderful experience to have your own smart children growing and having your heritage? I understand your situation, so I would like to send you this message and hopefully I can hear from you soon.

by Chicago1 » 03 Aug 2016

Above posters, can you please share your ethnic background? I'm very interested.

by kieth671 » 13 Aug 2016

Attractive half white(scottish/irish/hungerian) and half pacific islander mix. Educated with two college bachelors one master and working on another at Purdue. Will show pics of my daughters and myself. Both from different moms who are islanders. Both daughters blond and greenish blue eyes. Very beautiful and smart. I prefer AI so I dont have to fly out but will if needed. I am a social worker in the islands and would not interfere with your family. I just ask for pics if possible.I want many children but cannot afford more or have time due to my workload.

by sonoma » 27 Aug 2016

27 yr old Caucasian man in Chicago up for NI. Ivy League grad, professional, athletic, and healthy. Let me know if you want to chat more.

by bliss_n » 04 Sep 2016

I am Chinese American 5' 11" college educated and gainfully employed. I reside in Michigan and am willing to travel.

by Hdonor » 09 Sep 2016

Hello Chicago1,

I am east Asian, highly educated with advance degree in science, and good looking. I am married and have a lovely daughter. She is very healthy, smart and cute.

I donate blood every 2 months so I don't have any diseases. I work out regularly.

AI or NI is your preference.

by jeff99 » 10 Sep 2016

Hello my name is Jeff and I'm 28. I'd be willing to help you out in being a sperm donor. I'm not Asian I'm white, hope that isn't a huge deal. Also I live in the Chicago land area and would be open to NI. I have a child and understand the joy in having a child and would like to help others achieve that joy as well. If interested let me know.

by herman14 » 18 Sep 2016

definately matching your requirements. lets PM so i send you my details and photos, we can skype afterwards

by Nex8686 » 20 Sep 2016

I am a post graduate in Management and run a successful but small Software company in India, Mumbai. I am,Hindu, 5” 8” tall, weigh 73 kilos, well endowed, health conscious and work out regularly. I am a social drinker and smoker and don’t have any illness.

Pls let me know my profile suits you.

Good Luck and Cheers!

by braddell » 27 Sep 2016


I am Asian Chinese and meeting your requirements. I am in chicago suburbs. I like to have twins (boy and girl) and want to be part of their lives. If things go well, wouldn't mind to have more. Let me know and we can meet and discuss more.

by shermitt » 05 Oct 2016

Hi. I am a Chinese American who lives in the suburbs of Chicago. I would be more than happy to help you become a parent. I am currently working full time in Chicago. I am healthy and have two beautiful children. Please let me know if I can be of help.

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