Caucasian, 35, very fit, very light skin, blue eyes, 183cm

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by zm501 » 20 Feb 2020

Caucasian sperm donor. Travel frequently throughout Asia.

From Canada, but parents originally (father) from Eastern Europe, and (mother) from Germany.

Live and work in Shanghai, China.

Doctoral degree holder working in financial sector for past 9 years.

35 years of age, 183cm, super fit. Very light white skin, brown hair (no receding hairline) and 83kg. Very high sperm count and motility.

Never drink, never smoke; don't even drink coffee. No tattoos, piercings . No history of disease on either side of family.

Clean results on all tests which are done once a year (for visa renewal purposes).

Looking to pass along my great genes. No involvement expected. AI or home/natural insemination is both fine.

Travel frequently so feel free to inquire regardless of geography.

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