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by Nova33 » 16 Jul 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm curious how many women are interested in the true nature of co-parenting in Canada? I've been told my views are skewed, and most women are looking for the best quality for a sperm donor they can find with somewhat limited contact with the biological father, either because of a lesbian relationship, a married couple, or a woman who simply choosees to do this alone for the various reasons she may have.

Im truly looking for a 50/50 relationship with someone based on mutual trust, respect and understanding. I have been in terrible relationships in the past , and feel I'm being "punished" just because I can't find the right person to spend time with. due to this "punishment", society tells me I can't have kids because I don't have a long term committed relationship.
I have no interest in knocking someone up in a bar/night club/ "discotech". I feel this is a much better option, but am brand new to this concept and just signed up today.

If anyone is interested in a situation where we raise a child (ideally two), with two different perspectives on life and teach them everything we know while we have a great friendship, please let me know!

Good luck to everyone on their journey!

by Mel1974 » 31 Jul 2017

Pour moi

Had cancer when I wanted to have a child
Deceided to try, but I'm single now.
I don't care if I die in a couple of years,
I want to have a child, so co-parenting for me would be awesome

by Nova33 » 09 Aug 2017

I can't seem to look you up by profile name and I can't seem to leave contact information in this forum.

Are you still there and monitoring this form?

by Nadducs » 12 Aug 2017


I have the same view as you for the good of the child, yes I want a child but no I don't want just a donor, I want also a a real father role for that baby who can raise him/her, teach, learn things different from what I will give. I don't know where are you located in Canada we might be have to talk. :)

by Ianthi34 » 03 Nov 2017

I live in Montreal and I'm looking for co-parenting. Would you like to talk?
I'm at my 40s, good looking, well educated and healthy. (single)
let me know :)

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