Cali. Donor/Co-P: Young, Fit and Attractive Korean Male

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by jello » 30 Jun 2018

NA/AI Sperm donor from California and available throughout the state and those surrounding. I'm a young, healthy and attractive, Korean male looking to help women with their parenthood goals. Would possibly be interested in co-parenting, but would depend on the circumstances, so please respond if interested in either.

Specifics: Ethnically full Korean with American nationality, first-generation American born in Hawaii, 181cm (5'11") tall, straight black hair, fair skin, slim/athletic build and intelligent with no physical/mental disorders or deformities. Attractive and willing to send pictures upon request. I pride myself in being honest of who I am and what I'm like and ensure that I've relayed the most accurate, truthful and realistic description of myself in order to also ensure the satisfaction of my clients. :)

by Careywat » 13 Feb 2019

Would you just donate anonymously?
We could pay u for helping us each month until it happens.
But it would be donation into a specimen cup.
My partner and I are a lesbian couple and want to start a family.

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