Calgary male seeking female coparent

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by Asianguy85 » 26 May 2017

hello. I am a 32 year old asian male looking to coparent with a single female without children. I do not have children myself so I am seeking someone in a similar situation.
I was born and raised in calgary. I am a homeowner and have a steady job. I am 5'6 150lbs and healthy with no family history of cancer.

My ideal partner would be in her 20s to 35.

I have a low sex drive and identify as asexual therefore sex is not a necessity in my life. however I do desire to be a parent to my own biological child. For this reason I am on this site.

I am open to donating for a couple trying to conceive.

by yycvv » 23 Jun 2017

Hello, I'm very interested in you. Please get back to me ! Thank you :)

Have a great day

by yycvv » 25 Jul 2017

Hello. I am interested in talking :)

by yycvv » 25 Jul 2017

Hello. I am interested in talking :)

by MEGANDEL » 27 Jul 2017

Hi I am also a single female that is looking a to co-parent with someone. I am 34 years old. I do have other children but they do not live with me. I would like to have a son but I would really like to talk to you more. So please get back to me Megan

by MEGANDEL » 27 Jul 2017

I also meant to say that I have a very low sex drive as well. I would have to have IVF since I have had a tubal.

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