CA Gal Looking for Coparent or Known Donor

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by SunRai » 08 Jul 2018

Thank you for stopping by. Wow, this process has been rather interesting. If your journey has been anything like mine, I am sure you have met some fascinating and colorful friends on this site.

I am looking for a known donor or someone who would be interested in light coparenting. (I made up the term light coparenting, it’s pretty cool, huh?) What exactly does light coparenting mean and/or look like? Glad you asked. (Smile) It’s super important to me that my child know her father and have a relationship with him (I would allow the father to establish the parameters of the relationship). In my perfect world, my child’s father would attend a few birthday celebrations and other special occasions and visit or talk on the phone with the child once in a while. See! It’s light and easy! You would choose if your name appears on the birth certificate and if the child takes your last name. I am willing to sign a “donor agreement” or other legal documents and will not require financial assistance. I prefer to have full legal custody/sole custody.

Feel free to check out my deets on my profile, SunRai. Reply here or send a message. Thank you tons!

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