Black Male looking for Black female to co-parent with

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by Isaya » 24 Feb 2012

Hi I'm Isaiah and I'm in my early twenties and I'm looking for a black female to co-parent with. I would prefer a non-biracial black woman and I'm definitely interested in someone with direct African or West Indies heritage. I'm a very responsible and strict caregiver. I was in the education field for several years. I would really like to start a family soon because my clock's been ticking. I love kids and I just want to have a baby. I'm in the Central Florida area but I'm willing to travel within the state.

Please let me know if you're interested.

by faith27 » 28 Feb 2012

im looking for someone to be a co parent and i want to do it soon

by faith27 » 28 Feb 2012

So do you want to talk about and see what happens.

by AiDay » 02 Mar 2012


Take a look at my profile, and please reply if we may be a match.

Have a great day!!

by LoveHaven » 07 Feb 2016

Hello. I'm interested and located in Texas. I'm looking for a co-parent as well. Message me!

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