Biracial Educated Female Looking to Coparent

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by Artina » 23 Jun 2020

I'm a Korean and Black female, 5'9", 150 lbs, athletic and well educated with 5 degrees, two of which are doctorates. My careers have been amazing so I retired at 35. Now I'm looking to complete my life with a child, but I do not want to do it alone so I am looking for a co-parent.

by Xtopher » 24 Jun 2020

Send me your email let’s have a chat if you’re interested

by Texano » 28 Jun 2020

Hi Artina,
it would be nice to chat and see if we have common goals.

by Chi1990 » 24 Jul 2020

Hi I am interested

by Bkeith92 » 17 Aug 2020

Hi Artina,

I am interested and serious let’s chat!

by Caliotay » 19 Aug 2020

Hello I’m biracial as well my name is Tagu!

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