Baby fever for a guy?

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by alittle1 » 14 Dec 2017

Looking for a healthy happy women who has baby fever like me.As time goes by i find myself thinking more and more about kids.i have some money set aside to help with baby things,i know it will help in the beginning..Even a person to chat with about it would be great!{my friends would think im crazy for sure}

by lynnay » 12 Feb 2018

hello email *** thanks

by alittle1 » 24 Feb 2018

looks like this website blocked your email.ive had a crazy time this last little bit,some of my friends have new babies and would love to chat with another baby brain ..all my friends would laugh at me i think?

by Sweetcan » 07 Mar 2018

I have had baby fever for years.

by alittle1 » 09 Mar 2018

Do you have any kids already?seems lots of people on here have one already and are looking for another cute n cuddly .

by Lane80 » 18 Mar 2018

Yes, I'm a guy 38 and for years now I have had baby fever. I sometimes see pregnant woman and just melt. I think how lucky she is going to be to have a beautiful new life to take care of. Sometimes, I just shed tears in private knowing that I might never experience fatherhood.

by alittle1 » 21 Mar 2018

ahhhh ! i know how you feel,im really looking forward to the future and being a dad too ! a new neighbor moved in last week, shes a single mom with a new born. she seems like shes gunna be a terrific mom,she lets me hold her all the time .yaaaay {baby fever even higher temperature now} changed my first diaper too,did it np:} hope i meet a kind hearted baby mama on here.

by Dax228 » 23 Mar 2018

I think it’s sweet you have baby fever. I don’t have any kids. I am suffering from it too.

by alittle1 » 05 Apr 2018

its getting out of control for me, its the last thing im thinking about before bed kinda thing.i know how you are feeling,it must be way worse for a women though?thanks for your baby sympathy:} my brothers wife is pregnant ,im looking forward to helping out.

by Orange » 10 Jun 2018

I find it very sweet guys talking about baby fever. I guess I never gave it a thought that guys could have it too...It's nice to see loving parents around town with their babies....I find it difficult though seeing parents that are more interested in playing with their phones. I had this experience recently in the metro. The baby was crying and stretching his arms to his mother from his stroller, and the mother, and the whole family (looked like dad and grandma were also present) were purposefully ignoring the baby. I don't know what they were thinking, of course, but it looked like they thought the baby was difficult and they should not respond to it's demands....The baby kept on crying, so what did they do? They turned the stroller away from them so that the baby would only see nothing. I could not stand it any longer so I walked over and faced the baby....I did not feel like I could do much, but I could not stand not doing anything either. The baby looked a little more reassured, being able to look into some human's eyes....But of course unfortunately (from my perspective) this baby will grow up with these parents....The parents were just annoyed by me and made sure to enter a different train so that I would not interfere with their parenting style.....And then there are all these wonderful people out there who are struggling to become a parent....Life is not always fair, but I guess everybody knows that.

by Zayn » 18 Jun 2018

Orange, it's sweet what you wrote, and I know this feeling when you really want to have a baby but you can't.

by molissa » 02 Mar 2019

I wondered what has happened for all of you with your baby fever? Did this site help you?

by alittle1 » 10 Mar 2019

I still have not found the right baby momma ,having baby dreams at night sometimes now.

by alittle1 » 17 Jul 2020

Update! Now having a baby girl . So much excitment knowing that this is going to happen . So glad I could help someone have a baby: ) it feels so good to know I helped someone who really wanted a child . Would love to have baby talk with other people and chat more.

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