Baby fever for a guy?

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by alittle1 » 14 Dec 2017

Looking for a healthy happy women who has baby fever like me.As time goes by i find myself thinking more and more about kids.i have some money set aside to help with baby things,i know it will help in the beginning..Even a person to chat with about it would be great!{my friends would think im crazy for sure}

by lynnay » 12 Feb 2018

hello email *** thanks

by alittle1 » 24 Feb 2018

looks like this website blocked your email.ive had a crazy time this last little bit,some of my friends have new babies and would love to chat with another baby brain ..all my friends would laugh at me i think?

by Sweetcan » 07 Mar 2018

I have had baby fever for years.

by alittle1 » 09 Mar 2018

Do you have any kids already?seems lots of people on here have one already and are looking for another cute n cuddly .

by Lane80 » 18 Mar 2018

Yes, I'm a guy 38 and for years now I have had baby fever. I sometimes see pregnant woman and just melt. I think how lucky she is going to be to have a beautiful new life to take care of. Sometimes, I just shed tears in private knowing that I might never experience fatherhood.

by alittle1 » 21 Mar 2018

ahhhh ! i know how you feel,im really looking forward to the future and being a dad too ! a new neighbor moved in last week, shes a single mom with a new born. she seems like shes gunna be a terrific mom,she lets me hold her all the time .yaaaay {baby fever even higher temperature now} changed my first diaper too,did it np:} hope i meet a kind hearted baby mama on here.

by Dax228 » 23 Mar 2018

I think it’s sweet you have baby fever. I don’t have any kids. I am suffering from it too.

by alittle1 » 05 Apr 2018

its getting out of control for me, its the last thing im thinking about before bed kinda thing.i know how you are feeling,it must be way worse for a women though?thanks for your baby sympathy:} my brothers wife is pregnant ,im looking forward to helping out.

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