Attractive AA women looking for Ivf Donor

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by Loving2 » 12 Jul 2011

I am an attractive black female, looking for an IVF Donor, I have been married and seems that part of my like is not working. I am very strong, but would not say so independent. I come from a great family, live in Massachusetts. I am 32 and really focused on many things in life.I do not watch tv and only listen to music with head phones :lol: I do not eat meat, just fish. I do eat tons of snacks. I am always happy and loving. It may sound weird but I already have a baby name picked out and diamond earrings and her first silver baby soon. (if I have a girl). My child must play sports and go to private school. If I am able to financially afford it I will home school until the age of 8. I am bi lingual and looking for a man that wants to be some what involved with the child but not assuming any romantic relationship with me. I do have a few preferences on donors like education. I have no health problems and prefer only men over 40. If you think we may match you can mail me**************

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