Athletic, professional gay male - co-parenting or donation

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by DrewTM » 19 Jun 2020

I’m a 39-year old gay male that has been exploring the site for a year or so and have decided to get more serious about having children.

I’m an attorney in a law firm located in Chicago but went to law school in Washington, D.C. and grew up in New York City.

I’ve been concentrating on work for the past few years so did not have time to concentrate on anything else.

I enjoy learning foreign languages (I speak Japanese and Spanish on addition to English...working on German), cooking, working out (former rugby player and into weightlifting, running, yoga, and boxing), reading, and good music. I was raised Christian but am a secular humanist and read a lot of philosophy so I’m not too judgmental.

I would like to find a similarly placed person who looked up, realized they lost some time working, and is ready to discuss raising a child (or children) in the very near future.

by andyvas » 22 Jun 2020

Hello! Very interested in your post. I live in California but willing to travel :)

by DrewTM » 07 Jul 2020

Hi! If you want to send me a message, we can talk further!

by lovishug » 20 Sep 2020

Would you consider someone from Uganda (Africa), we LGBT we still facing a sentence due to beinga gay. If you can give us a chance, we shall be greatfull. thank you

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