Athletic Female Professor - unconventional coparent wanted

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by RainWalk » 18 Oct 2017

34, outdoorsy academic, committed to education and adventurous life. I love music and art. Long-term plans involve the "Free Range Kids" movement and adopting short-term nomadic parenting or "world-schooling". Education is important to create global, socially-conscious, independent and creative children. I daydream about family thru-hiking Te Araroa, the PCT or AT.

I've worked at ivy leagues universities, NGO's, and as a journalist. I'm bi and in an open and long-distance marriage. Genetic share available through 23&me.

by DanG176 » 24 Oct 2017

Hey, I like your unconventional ideas and you're lifestyle. I'd like to help of you're open to a donor from NYC. Reply if you're interested :) Thanks.

by Aka » 25 Oct 2017

I'm interested , we can discuss more if you are interested

by mgaz » 26 Oct 2017


Donar with clear history of health, physical and mental, all my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren were born healthy, all my kids and grandchildren are handsome and beautiful. I am healthy with no use of over the counter drugs, and i cycle 70 miles a week. My gene pool is outstanding. If you are interested in more information please let me know. You won't find better genetics, just saying.


by James196 » 07 Dec 2017

I’ve done the 23&me dna and am interested.

by rmoore53 » 08 Dec 2017

Hello, my name is R'Chaun.
I love your enlightened mind. I love music and art as well, they are like culture and listening to music is like learning new cultures. Music for me can range from rap (mostly old rap like tupac and biggie), old rock (Beatles, led zep, and even Pink Floyd, to folk music (fleet foxes and Ben howard), and orchestra...I like the outdoors as well and like to hike at places near where I live, Xenia, Ohio. I am 23 years old btw. As a hobby, I love to books, some poetry (rarely). If you are looking for a donor...I will gladly because I love your way of thinking and life style. I would coparent if that was an option lol

by Benefact » 09 Dec 2017

Hi , I am here willing to help and assist to get the beautiful gift of the nature you are into .

About me M 34, Education in Master degree in Engineering, works as Engineer Manager -FT in Orlando -FL , STD free , Verified Sperm Donor ( Clean Medical history) no to drinking and smoking , Higher sperm count ( Can produce medical proof ) Donate in the past result into successful offspring , ( Normal and healthy delivery ) prefer AI (IUI -only )but ok with NI if prescribe by Physician/Doctor due to higher rate of offspring . Successful donor –
Light skin , 5'9", black hair , Total volunteers no fee req but need to know event scheduling as my current job require me to travel some times

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