Asian Male looking for co parent in calgary

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by ac2316 » 21 Feb 2016

Gay male 32 years old. Seeking single female or female couple to start a family with. I am a born and raised Calgarian of Chinese decent. My parents are originally from Hong Kong. I am 5 foot 6 130 lbs and in great physical health.
I am currently working full time as a journeyman roofer. I have a passion for mechanics and music of all genres. During my pastimes, i like to work on my vehicles and taking my dogs out to the park. In my downtime, i enjoy watching prime time tv cuddled up on the couch with my boyfriend. I am generous, organized and easy going.
I own my home, i am educated in many trades, and am financially stable. Looking to take on more responsibility by being a father. Ideally find a co parent to share this journey with. Growing and Raising a family together, having a beautiful mixed race baby.
As a gay male, i can only dream of the possibilities. But with the help and support of a female companion, we can make a miracle happen. I am looking forward to meeting you. A likeminded individual or a loving couple. As coparents we can have the opportunity of a life and a family. :D

by Sumaika » 01 May 2017

we are a married couple in Calgary, my husband has sperm issues so I am unable to conceive without the help of a healthy donor so we are wondering if you would like to help us

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