Asian female looking for co-parent

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by Quella » 19 Dec 2014

I am a phd student in the united states now. I am an Asian. I am looking for a guy to married because I love family and Children very much. We don't need to have a real relationship, you can have your own lover, but I am single, if you would like to build a very lovely family with me, that will be the best. I am not a memebership right now and will consider to be one later. thank you.

by Usmontg » 02 Jan 2015

Where are you located?

by evan555 » 19 Apr 2015

Hello there. I may be interested. I live in So Cal area and am divorced with no children. Please contact me if you'd like to get more details.

by heneedsyou » 17 Nov 2015

Sounds goods how can we talk?

by Deputy » 09 Apr 2016


my name is Bill, and would like to be a co parent. Please review my profile, and if interested, please message me, as I would like to talk about this further.

by jamesGR » 20 Apr 2016

Yes but please, send pictures first.

by Rudyluck » 23 Apr 2016

I am interested , what is your location.

by plot12 » 02 Jun 2016

I am interested. Me, I am a single male, gifted IQ. Avid reader, reliable, tenacious when I have to be.
Where are you located? Send me a wink or a message? Thanks.

by jlan899 » 16 Jul 2016

Connect with me if you live near Indiana, Iowa, or Wisconsin

by jlan899 » 16 Jul 2016

If you live near Illinois I am interested

by ehuang » 29 Jul 2016

I'm a male in Northern California (fzeng at, looking for an Asian lady for co-parenting.

by DoneWating » 09 Aug 2016

Hopefully if this is a legit post, you realize how many men have a thing for Asians so your inbox is likely full of perverts pretending to be on the same page.

by Gardener » 04 Apr 2017

I am intruiged...

Please take a look at my profile and send me a message if I sound like someone you might be interested in getting to know....
Sincerely, Ray

by Zhinan » 25 Apr 2017

I am Chinese, well educated with four degrees, all on full scholarship. I would like to connect with you

by Jon1547 » 25 May 2017

If your still interested and in the mid-west area I would like to talk more on this...

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