Asian donor based in Montreal

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by donrijj » 02 Apr 2019

I’m Asian male skinned almost whiter than many whites.
I love kids and kids love me, not my own kids though. So I totally understand how much a kid means to you, and it’s my pleasure to make your dream come true with my little favour.

There’s a huge number of population share my family name(DNA) today due to splendid contributions made by ancestors in thousands of years of history.

I have passed all the tests and background check.
Feel free to discuss possibilities if you are positively interested.

by Dayakara » 02 Jun 2019

I am totally new to this, I was referred, your as has stood out, can we chat?

by babyaqua » 21 Jul 2019

Hello, interested in receiving sperm donation. How could we get in touch?

by abika » 24 Jul 2019

Hello! I am interesting in your post! How do we get in touch? Please message me. Thank you.

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