Asian American USA looking open to co-parent / sperm donor

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by tominnyc » 20 Jun 2016


My name is Tom 33 yrs old and live in Manhattan, NYC, United States. Open to meeting for co parenting, or having a American or dual citizenship born child, willing to help with green card for the right female as well.
I am a college graduate working in a financial company.

I currently do not have any children of my own, but previously donated to two close same-sex couples and a single mother in my mid 20's ( two was long time friends and one was a recommendation ). All three have given birth to healthy baby daughters. If you do prefer a girl, I have a higher probability of helping give you one.

I am open for part co-parenting with the right partner as well.

Fully tested and D/D free, additional test are available if requested. If interested I would love to hear from you.

by babyaqua » 21 Jul 2019

Hello, I am interested. How can we get in touch? Thank you

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