Any Women in San Diego CA ???

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by Ed32 » 07 Jul 2010

I've been looking through and have subscribed to a couple others, but I haven't really found anyone around here. I am looking to co-parent with someone who will be a great mom. I want to be a great dad as well, and I don't see that being possible unless the mom and child(ren) live around here.

I am open to all sorts of arrangements, as long as I get the chance to be the father. Only thing is, I live in San Diego and that probably isn't going to change any time soon.

So is there anyone here in the San Diego area (anything from Vista to Chula Vista) that is looking to have a child? Single woman, lesbian couple etc? You want a good situation with someone who will be dedicated and loving to your child? Talk to me. My profile is Ed32.

Maybe even something in Orange county or LA. We would just need to figure out how I could spend enough time with our child.

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