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Any sperm donors in the manawatu area?

Any sperm donors in the manawatu area?

Our forum is dedicated to all people looking for a sperm donation, or sperm donors themselves, from New Zealand. We invite all our users to exchange their thoughts regarding sperm donation, whether they have been through the process of a sperm donation in New Zealand or not.

by Alana22 » 16 Jul 2013

Me and my girlfriend looking to start a family and obviously need someone to donate sperm, we want someone who just wants to donate and if the kid ever asks who there dad is well help them find you but up until then don't want a co-parent situation. Don't want to do it the natural way.

by anna13 » 21 Aug 2013

Hey guys I am in a lesbian relationship and me and my gf are wanting to start a family sooooo we need some sperm :-) is there any men out there in the palmerston north, new zealand area that could help our dream come true with their swimmers then please email me *** at hotmail dot co dot nz. Thanks guys :-)

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