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by NWO2987 » 14 Dec 2019

Hello, I'm a single woman looking to become a mother. 32 yrs old, 5'2 Honduran, German, and Cayman Ethnicity. I have a background in Hospitality Management, currently redirecting my career to Aesthetics.
If there is anyone in and around the GTA ok with AI donations, message me please. I am not really interested in coparenting.

by th008 » 25 Dec 2019

Hello I live in the GTA and am willing to donate via AI feel free to message me or I can message you via e-mail

by lavalamp » 16 Jan 2020

White European donor here.

by shiningl » 11 Apr 2020

I am based in Toronto and of South Asian origin.
Am fine with just being a donor. Let me know if you are interested.

by Emeka » 24 Apr 2020

African Donor here based in Toronto.
6"3, Healthy and Fit.

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