AI Donor who is happy to travel anywhere in NZ

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by KiwiDono » 28 Mar 2017

Happy to help if you need it :-)

I’m Caucasian from Tauranga self-employed so can travel anywhere in NZ or Australia etc if travel is covered or you can come to me.

I have donated before and have a few beautiful children out there. Most happen on the 1st try so no problem with motile swimmers. They have all been great easy babies a real plus and all been tall for their age. I am a AI donor and happy to help if more than one is wanted down the track.

Search my profile on here and lets start chatting :-)

by Hunterst » 03 Aug 2017

Hi were a waikato based lesbian couple looking for a donor with AI would like to talk to you (:

by Bonny » 12 Nov 2017

Hi, thanks for offering to donor would you tell us the basics please like - age, hair, eyes, height thank you

by KiwiDono » 18 Nov 2017

If interested contact me via the profile page :-)

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