AA Woman Looking for a co parent

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by CaralieJ » 04 Jan 2020

Hi everyone. Im a 22 y.o. single mom who is a homemaker. I have excellent health insurance and was hoping to find someone willing to donate and stay in the child's life. I have had one previous pregnancy that has had no problems. I do not carry any traits that could cause problems. Hoping to hear back!

by tjreid1 » 07 Jan 2020

Hey How are you im a 35 year old AA located in Florida. Im looking to hear from you and see if we are maybe a good fit for each other. ,

by CDuck75 » 10 Jan 2020

Would love to speak with you further. White male, 25, KY

by willymix » 18 Jan 2020

Are you still looking? I'm black Male from Atlanta Ga would like to talk about helping each other.
Thank you

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