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by Rayce » 12 Dec 2019

Looking for a female who’d like to have a child. Mother has full-time custody. Father pays child support.

Father pays for all insemination cost.

I was in a 15 year relationship with a woman who couldn't have kids. Now I just want a simple co-parenting situation.

Loving, Laid back and supportive guy.I'm the easiest guy you could meet.

No health issues, No Drama, No Mental Health issues. Just Dopeness {No drugs lol}.

Not really interested in couples but I think its a beautiful concept and all the couples looking to share the gift of a child... Rock on! & Don't get discouraged. However, my vision is a little more simple. Simplicity is what best suits me. If anyone is looking for a vey simple, easy, fun, and loving friendship to bring a child in to, then let's do it. Let's be dope parents and raise a dope well balanced, very loving, wise, respectful, sweet, highly brilliant kid {like their dad} lol who is destined to be President of the United States one day.

I know everyone is chasing down the blond hair/blue eyed genes, I don't know what those traits can do for the integrity and intelligence of a kid, maybe they'll have better chance at starring on a soap opera one day {IDK lol - good luck with that}, but these genes over here are helping create a very handsome or beautiful future President.

by meibohu » 17 Dec 2019

can we connect?

by Glotowng » 19 Dec 2019

I like the sound/wording of your post. I feel the same way. I would like to co-parent but not as a couple. I already have the blue eyes and blonde hair so not needed lol. Let me know if interested.

by Taye » 20 Dec 2019

I would love to get to know more about you. I’m in NC

by Babbie23 » 21 Dec 2019

Can we connect?

by gerika08 » 17 Feb 2020

Where are you located?

by Brownco » 17 Mar 2020

You sound so genuine and your concept of who you prefer to have a child with is cool. I would love to know more about you. Check out my profile if you would like.

by Lisa2208 » 31 Mar 2020

I’m in nyc can we connect?

by Julie023 » 03 Apr 2020

Hey! Wondering if you’re still looking? If so, I’d love to talk more. I’m in central NJ, not too far from you. Look forward to hearing from you!

by acharm78 » 02 Aug 2020

Hi Rayce, I'm a single black professional woman. I carry that dope trait within my black girl magic. Are you still looking or have you found your ideal situation?
Also, is IVF to complicated for you?

by Lanica » 11 Aug 2020

You sound amaaazing! I'm not looking for the blue eyed, blonde haired coparent, but I am looking for someone easy going to raise an awesome kid with part time, one that will one day maybe be pres, or win a nobel peace prize, a pulitzer or an oscar! haha. But mostly, that will be happy, healthy, well educated, kind, worldly :)

by Mom30 » 11 Aug 2020

I’m a 30 year old female, real estate agent who just wants to be a mom. I just got out of a failed engagement 9 months ago due to abuse and I don’t want a relationship I just want to start my family before my egg quality declines. I work hard but I do a lot of it from home and can’t wait to spend my time with a sweet child to teach and love on. I am intelligent and have been very successful in sales. I was a model when I was younger, very open minded, I love to travel and can’t wait to raise a loving well rounded child. I am open to a visitation schedule and Co-Parenting if I find someone I can trust. My main concern is that my child has everything he/she needs and having a father is very important.

by Emerald4 » 14 Aug 2020

I’m interested

by Kelsy5 » 17 Aug 2020

Would love to connect! Single black female professional living in FL

by Nef56 » 19 Aug 2020

I live in northern ky let's fly!

by Hkd123 » 21 Aug 2020

Single, successful white female looking to have a second child. I co-parent really well with my son’s father. We have co-parenting down to a science! Let’s chat!

by Jynx » 31 Aug 2020

Did find your co-pilot?

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