AA male in Los Angeles trying this one more time

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by simplyq » 21 Apr 2019

I have been on this site for a while now. Did the membership once. Ideally, I would like to coparent; I’m flexible in a mutually beneficial arrangement, but methinks this isn’t as easy as I thought. I think now (sadly because I would like to be a participating father), I’m willing to be a sperm donor with hopes to see pics and vids of the child’s development.

I am 38, I got an ancestry kit for my bday and discovered I’m 15% Irish and British and the rest is of African decent with a tiny bit of Asian. It also revealed I have a blood lineage of Pharaoh Rameses III. I’m originally from Atlanta ga, but live in Hollywood. Was in the Air Force, college grad with a masters (MBA) and getting a second bachelors in cyber security. I also like to write, act, voiceover. I’m equally creative as I am smart and business minded. I have 7 nieces and nephews with another on the way and 4 goddaughters so I’m very comfortable with kids. I am healthy and there are no genetic disorders or health conditions that run in my family. My metabolism is pretty high so my immediate family are naturally slim. I’ve never had a cigarette a day in my life, I do drink on occasion and work out at the gym.

by AWP27 » 23 Jun 2019

Do you have a profile in which pictures can be viewed? I may be interested, however I am a visual person. My profile is AWP27, so you can take a look. Like you, I paid for membership, however I do not like to waste time or money. Let me know if you have any pictures available, if you are still interested.

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