AA female 29 looking for male to coparent with

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by Guester » 26 Mar 2020

I’ve always knew that I’d want kids eventually and I’m at that stage in my life where I’m ready to build my own family. I love kids and are aware of the ups and downs. I am strictly only looking for a coparent situation, nothing less (sperm donor). Thanks!

by Pandolfo » 29 Mar 2020

Hi, thanks for your message.

I'm a mature doc in NYC, Caucasian, dark Irish, fit, 5'10"/174 lbs., very healthy and well-off. Am in a long term gay relationship with another doc. Hope that's okay.

Work full time for the State. Excellent health coverage includes AI, if preferred. Also a home-owner.

I am totally open-minded, flexible, down-to-earth, generous.

I really want a kid/heir. Would love to co-parent, share expenses.

Please see profile, message, send photo, if interested. Cite location, personal details. Mine available on request.



by sammy76 » 30 Mar 2020

Where are you located?

by Proudpap » 03 Apr 2020

Very interested

by Guester » 15 Apr 2020

Hello, I’m located in New Jersey.

by hornet87 » 18 Apr 2020

Hey, I’m interested in the same situation, if you hadn’t found the right one, you can try me and see if we’re compatible.

by cirrius » 06 May 2020

Very interested NYC Business man. Great job, attractive - green eyes, caucasian - looking to support a women both financially and emotionally. message me

by stu842 » 07 May 2020

I'm a 31 year old guy in Maryland looking to build a family as well. Let me know if you'd be interested in chatting.

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