A man looking for a woman, IVF only(covered)

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by niy » 31 May 2018

I'm a man, 32. If I ever have a child, it's only with IVF and after PGD, because of polycystic kidney disease I don't want to pass on. I'm a citizen of a country that covers these treatments, and my private insurance does so too, and still, it's hard to find the right partner. I'm looking for a woman with a similar interest in IVF and who can't afford it, but it's not a must. I just don't think it's fair to ask a woman to go through this if she doesn't have to.
Of course, there's more to talk about privately. You can PM me once my profile is approved.

by Choose » 02 Jun 2018

Hi. I’m from Florida. But you can text me back here if and hoping things will work out fine with both our plans. Thanks.

by Ahhmiami » 07 Jun 2018

Please pm me since I can’t

by sdelie » 19 Jun 2018

Interested i need to do Ivf but unable to afford it. I'm looking for a donor that would be open to non conventional ways of doing things.

by mfrzer » 23 Jun 2018

I hope this message finds you well, I don't know if you are still looking for someone to do IVF with, but I'm interested and would like to discuss further details with you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

by mfrzer » 23 Jun 2018


I'm not sure if you if you got a message from me, but if you are still looking for a woman to do IVF i'm interested and would like to discuss further, Have a few questions as I"m sure you do to.

by Quinn11 » 24 Oct 2019

Would you like to chat?

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