6'5'' DOCTOR giving FREE SPERM

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

    by IS35      .      11 Aug 2020

    Can you donate this week 8/10/20

    49 Replies

    Can you donate this week 8/10/20

    Mom30 on 11 Aug 2020

    I am a 30 year old single female looking to have a child. After an engagement ended in abuse I am looking at other options for having a family. I want a family but I do not want to date. So let me know if you are willing to help me, I am financially stable and work on my own schedule as a realtor. I can’t wait to be a mom.

    Raelynn2 on 13 Aug 2020

    Hello. I am very interested if this is still available. I live in CT so not too far away. Please let me know. Thank I look forward to hearing from you!

    Mamamell on 14 Aug 2020

    Hi My Wife and I are in need of a good donor to donate us some sperm so we can start a family. Me and my Wife have been waiting for a really long time for a search of a sperm donor for free here in New York and it’s so perfect that you are from NYC which is amazing sir I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kanielya on 16 Aug 2020

    Can you PM me.. My wife and I are interested.

    Zacardi1 on 17 Aug 2020

    I would love to have Yu email me so I can have Yu ship the sperm to me

    Luhzoe on 13 Sep 2020

    Hello I would like to know more information

    Ruth15 on 18 Sep 2020

    Hi my name is ruth are you still available

    ksamsonn on 26 Sep 2020

    Hello! How do I get ahold of you? I’m not sure how to use this website ://

    cooki3 on 30 Sep 2020

    Hello are you still giving put free sperm

    Jusal on 01 Oct 2020

    Hello! Please my girlfriend and I are interested with your offer. We would like to have a baby .are you able to help? We live in California so are you able to ship? I'm waiting for your reply. Thank you in advance

    Hello and thanks for your post. I am really interested in becoming a mom and would certainly welcome you as my donor. How can i contact you to know more?

    Nita91 on 06 Oct 2020

    Hi, my fiancé and I are interested if you are still available. We live in Louisiana, so shipping would be are only option. I would like to know the steps moving forward.

    Mya23 on 08 Oct 2020

    Hi my name is myannia and i been looking for a donor but they was very pricey, and I seen you profile and I think that you would’ve a great fit

    Bjenny on 09 Oct 2020

    Are you still available to donate and ship sperm? I’m in Gainesville, FL and am very interested. What is the next s step?

    laritad on 10 Oct 2020

    Are you still donating. Im interested.

    Gemini97 on 10 Oct 2020

    Hello i'm interested and im like 3 hrs from the city.

    Cassie89 on 11 Oct 2020

    Are you still available?

    CrysyalM on 17 Oct 2020

    Hello, my wife and i are looking for a sperm donor to start our family. We are willing to travel also. What information do you need and when are you available.?

    Luvbug on 20 Oct 2020

    I am interested in your sperm

    NatLou9 on 25 Oct 2020

    Hello! New to this site and interested in your post though I cannot find yet how to private message you. Would love to see your profile and start a discussion! Thank you!!

    Chante on 26 Oct 2020

    Hi,I'm new to this site and I don't know how to private message you. I'm interested if you're still available or if you can still help me.

    Missemm5 on 27 Oct 2020

    Are you still available? I don't live too far from NYC. I'm very interested. Thank you :)

    Mcphee on 28 Oct 2020

    Hello are u still available


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