6'4 blk male love to coparent with a loving potential mom

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by Clayd7 » 06 Mar 2017

I would love to coparent with a loving potential mom, i had a SA just over a year ago, my count is 2.3 times the normal limit, very potent, i do have one child, very intelligent, genetics does matter, any method, i just want see someone happy with a bundle of joy too

by Star77 » 08 Mar 2017

Where do you live?

by Calaye » 09 Mar 2017

Hi, where are you located at?

by Anyanwu3 » 10 Mar 2017

I am a 34 year year old woman of Jamaican descent living in New York. I am same sex loving but single and would like to not just have a sperms donor but also someone interested in co-parenting without a romantic relationship as the foundation.

The foundation would be to bring an amazing being in to the world provided love by two people focused on our child's experience of growth and relationship to the world around them.

I am an Entrepreneur, Actress, Social Justice Educator, Doula and Herbalist.

by Acbtick » 26 Jul 2017

This is the first post Im respoding to, so not sure how this works. Id like to learn more about you and how you envision coparenting. Thank you.

by swtkat » 10 Sep 2017

hello interested and where are you located?

by vandrina » 06 Apr 2018

hello am interested how do i get in touch

by Carlyngf » 10 Apr 2018

Not sure where you are located but contact me if you are interested. Thanks :)

by Ksmmons » 13 Apr 2018

Good Day:

I am interested in co-parenting a baby and would like to learn
More of how we might be able to see if we are a good co-parenting team.

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