6'2 Athletic Mixed Race Brown Hair And Eyes MBA

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by mobstar1 » 31 Aug 2018

A little about my background, , I have a very healthy 4 year old daughter, she has never had any health issues and is beautiful. I'm 6'2, 200lbs and above average athletic. I was provincial swim champion and won a provincial basketball title as well. I went on to swim in university for my undergrad and then eventually my MBA. I lead a healthy, active lifestyle and eat a vegetarian diet. I'm a yoga enthusiast for my physical and mental well being. I extremely well travelled and always looking for a new adventure. In my spare time I enjoy reading and challenging myself in new ways. I am well dressed and have penchant for interior design. I consider myself to have a good sense of humor and most would consider me funny. I have picture perfect health and have never had any allergies or broken bones. Located in southeaster Ontario. Travel is hard because of my daughter, so my preference is for people to come to me. Only looking to donate and would require no contact with the child, as I already have a family of my own. Open to methods of donation. Please contact me if interested.

by TLM7668 » 16 Nov 2018

Hello mobstar1, my name is Tara and I have never had children and am now a youthful 42 yrs old but my husband is very much older than me and are attempting to solve his issues if possible but we don’t know how long it could if at all!!! I adore children but haven’t been with anyone till now that I ever thought would be a good father!! I really liked you’re bio and we live in Bancroft Ontario and I would love to speak to you further... I am open to all options!! Take care, Tara.

by sdexter » 20 Dec 2018

Good afternoon,
We are new to this site so unsure how to fully navigate it.
However, if donorship is still a consideration on your behalf, we are highly interested.
Thank you

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