51 yo Healthy Doctor In KY For NI

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by KYDAD » 04 Dec 2018

Im healthy, clean, 6'3", stocky, caucasion, blue eyed, blonde-brown haired, Scottish descent, ...looking to donate with NI, located in Louisville, KY. Write me for more details. Can begin as soon as ur ready.

by Missmika » 23 Dec 2018

Are you still interested in being a NI donor? Is race important to you?

by Babydugi » 06 Jan 2019

Hi. I am interested in coparenting. Are you still interested i this?

by LesFam14 » 29 Jan 2019

I’m interested

by KYDAD » 06 Feb 2019

LesFam14, lets message. Contact me.

by Saber78 » 09 Jun 2019

I am interested!

by Ivanna » 01 Aug 2019


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