41 Professional Seeks a Family

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by MT2020 » 20 Sep 2020


I'm a 41 year old guy (soon to be 42) hoping to talk with someone that seeks a partner to grow a family. I am open-minded, but the reason I am on this site is ultimately to find a partner with the same end goals of 1-3 children by conventional route (dating prior to pregnancy, natural method pregnancy, family plan post-pregnancy). I do understand that all issues and circumstances are not the same, and ... for the right person, I'll make miracles happen to support our future family. Yes, that includes alternative routes towards the same end goal.

Not at all desperate to find a date, but I am hoping to find potential partners with the same goals more directly. I've been in a few long-term relationships in the past, and I'm not interested in dating around. I'm not in a rush, but I do understand others who may be wanting to have a child in the near future. Again, I'm open-minded and for the right person, we'll make it work.

Me: 5'9", 210 lbs (thanks Covid!), Professional Engineer, living/working in South FL (but not bound to FL), greater family lives in NJ and MD, active/health conscious (not just ordering lettuce and tomatoes on my bacon cheeseburger haha), talented, educated, caring, strong, centrist. Hispanic (Puerto Rican/Dominican from New York, but speaks Spanish like a 1st grader, haha). Good sense of humor and committed to telling Dad jokes to the agony of my future kids some day soon. Would be happy to elaborate on why I aim to be a parent over texts or chat.

I have phone-masking apps like discord or kik (somewhere, I have to reset my password). I think serious partners would be willing to share phone numbers - a judgment call to make nevertheless. Feel free to direct message me here on Coparents.com to connect. I check email notifications regularly.

Thanks for reading - I wish all of you the very best in your pursuit of a family.


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