39 year old, good-looking woman needs man for co-parent or d

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by Strwbry » 30 Jun 2017

I am new to this site and to this way of going about fulfilling my dream of motherhood. I spent 12 years in higher education and 10 years in a career that burned ne out in the end. I am currently working at home for myself, thus this situation is ideal for raising a child. I am educated, sincere and better than average looking in the face. I have a few more pounds on me than I want but i am very conscious of my weight, refusing to let it get out of hand as I find it unattractive to be fat. Easy-going & giving, I am an ideal co-parent, but will settle for a sperm donor or whatever gets me to my goal.

by csd2017 » 02 Jul 2017

Hello. I just registered for this site today and thus my profile may not be up yet. I sympathize with your situation-- I too am the product of exstensive academic background. I'm a MIT alumnus, married with 5 biological children-- all young. I would urge you to find a male partner to commit, but failing that might have an interest in your case, but only if you desired it so and had no other options-- I do sympathize with how difficult it is to find stability. Anyway, I am rail skinny of Nordic background.

by BrandonJ » 08 Jul 2017

Any black, white, Asian and Indian woman and couple professional interested in a Black/Latino man for sperm donation. I am 5ft 10inches. Young well built and handsome. I live in Boston If you are interested contact me at email.

I am college educated,very down to earth.caring,pro-family, and compassionate.

Seeking to help somenoe who is caring and loving,non-smoker,and financially able to raise a kid without any financial help from me.

I will prefer natural method than artificial. Results are better through sexual intercourse than artificial method.
Though if distance makes it neccessary frozen vials can be made available that I can ship anywhere in the US. You can also travel to me.

I've helped a number of families expand and I'm happy to help more. I'm decently smart and not too bad looking. STD free. Healthy and mentally stable. Please feel free to contact me and give me a chance to help make you a mother. I will be delighted and thankful:) I only believe in natural insemination because the odds are greater for a healthy baby. I do not romance or anything nor do I ever intend to build a relationship with you at all just a task of helping you. You do your rythum properly one meeting will guarantee your pregnancy.

Message me for more info and any questions.

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