37 yr old Cali gal looking for co parent or donor

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by Calibaby » 24 Nov 2018

Hello I am 37 yrs old in Southern Calif. Looking to
have a baby. Dark hair hazel eyes Caucasian. Looking for a
coparent or donor. Cali/So Cal native a plus but certainly
Not a requirement. I have always wanted to be a mum
and was an excellent stepmom in a prior relationship. Have done
background check (for adoption; no current children.)
Clean from disease; do not drink or smoke. Am in a relationship but unsure of it's future. My/Our child will always be my #1 priority forever

by Abeast » 28 Nov 2018

Hi. I am interested. I live in Wisconsin. I am mixed. Lets talk!

by khumble » 14 Dec 2018

Hi I'm in SoCal, San Diego actually. Give me a private message and we can exchange emails and talk some more!

by TimSmith » 31 Dec 2018

Hi. I'm a 32 y/o blonde hard blue eyed male from California. If you're still looking I'm interested. You can pm me.

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