37 y woman, pretty and gifted, looking to coparent in TO.

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by BellaVita » 10 Mar 2016

I am 37, attractive, intelligent and very loving. I'm looking to coparent with someone of similar characteristics. I would be open to a relationship developing if the chemistry and compatibility is there.

by manlyguy » 12 Mar 2016


I am a recently separated father of a one year old. Interested in co-parentng with you if you are still looking.

I am in gta too.

I have good genes and am educated having a stable job and business.

Please go through my profile.


by John205 » 14 Jun 2016


I have a good job, am educated and looking to raise a second child.

Happy searching.

by sadi195 » 21 Sep 2016

see my profile and message me if interested.

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