35 year old male , gulfport Mississippi wants to be a dad

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by Karate83 » 03 May 2019

I am a single 35 year old white male. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs.
All my life I've wanted to be a dad. But haven't been blessed to meet miss right and so decided to turn to trying on here to at least get to be a dad.
Ideally id like someone to co parent with but would be ok with someone just willing to be a mother .

I'm from Illinois but moving to gulfport Mississippi with in a couple weeks so just planning on looking there..

Ideally would talk for a while before trying to conceive .

I do have some physical challenges due to birth defects ( not genetic) and from a botched surgery. But doesn't slow me down much. I teach martial arts even.
I will gladly go into full detail if someone is interested.


by ltarmijo » 27 Jun 2019

Would u be willing to coparent with a woman in colorado?

by Erica94 » 27 Jun 2019

Hello, Whatsapp ?

by Erica94 » 28 Jun 2019

Hello, Whatsapp?

by Karate83 » 09 Aug 2019

Erica94 hows it going?

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