34yr old lesbian female looking for a donor/ coparent

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by Lena93 » 18 Aug 2018

Hi I’m Elena , I currently started my journey of becoming a mother. I have been working with kiaser to do invitro , but unfortunately I just found out it won’t be so easy to get pregnant and using frozen sperm seems to give it less of a chance. So if your willing to help me through this journey I would be so grateful, I’m len93, if you would like to see my photos. Gmail ***, please reach out to me.

by ImReady9 » 19 Aug 2018

Hello, I would love to help and be a sperm donor! Well that's if ur still looking for one!!
Would love to discuss further! Message me back for more!

by Eligible » 20 Aug 2018

Where are you located, and what timeframe did you have in mind ?

by Eligible » 22 Aug 2018

Hi there. I am interested, are you ?

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