32 single female looking for co-parent CA

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by Single32 » 01 Jun 2018


I am looking for someone to co-parent with. I do not have children. Must love dogs. Educated, Jewish and love to travel. Looking for someone similar. I am not looking for a romantic partnership, just a parental partnership.

by AlexK132 » 03 Jul 2018

I am interested.Where are you in CA?

by Gbthorn » 07 Jul 2018

Hi. I am interested in coparenting. I am 41 yo, single, great job, stable. Lets chat and see if we are a match.

by OH2CA » 22 Jul 2018

Hi - would love to chat.
I'm active, financially secure, and have an IQ of 130. Just got blood work done - all looks good. Let's make an awesome baby.

by ehuang » 31 Jul 2018

I live in CA as well. Can we talk? How to contact you?

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