32-F- LF in Eastern Ontario & Area

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by Dayakara » 02 Jun 2019

I am a single mom of 2, and I would like to have more biological children.
I have endometriosis, so my fertility clock is ticking.
Could be coparenting. But I have been trying to date for 2.5 years and haven't had luck, so I stumbled here when looking for a donor.


by jdoe234 » 24 Jul 2019

Hey there!

I read your post, I was wondering if I could assist in your endeavors?

by steve007 » 11 Sep 2019

i would like to help..

by Jamesss » 15 Sep 2019

Hey! If you are still looking for help let me know! Would love to chat

by ocmay55 » 15 Sep 2019

Steve07 tried to msg you as well I am also
Looking for a donor if you be willing to help

by a1b2c3z » 19 Sep 2019

would love to meet you and see if i would be a fit

by andyv197 » 19 Sep 2019

Get in touch and let's talk. I'm willing to help you if the chemistry is right and there is intrest.

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