31 F single queer woman seeking sperm in Vancouver

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by Jennny » 22 Dec 2019

Me: I’m a single queer woman with a Masters degree and a good job in health care. I’m an auntie of 7 little ones (see photos) and am looking to bring my nurturing and love to my own children. I’m stable, healthy, and super happy with my life but now looking to grow my family.

I am fortunate and excited to have a community of friends and family to support me in my parenting journey.

Only willing to do AI and am willing to travel to the Washington US.

Take reasonable care of your health and are willing to do basic health and genetic testing (at my expense of course)

Caucasian unless you want to take on a cultural role in upbringing.

I’m looking for someone who is interested in the child knowing you’re their donor so they can ask questions as they come up. I’m open to varying levels of contact beyond that.

Let’s chat or meet up for coffee and get to know each other. Being on the same page seems like a healthy start to bringing a human into this world.

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