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by Atllife » 20 Nov 2017

If you are interested in a donation please let me know. Bachelors degree and in the process of getting a masters... Looking to donate and also coparent in the right situation. I don't have messages so let me know if you want to talk here..

by Sharee77 » 22 Nov 2017

I am very interested in meeting same thing for me can look at messages but am looking for a donor or a coparent.so how do we give each other our contact information.

by Sharee77 » 22 Nov 2017

Are u still available I am interested

by Sharee77 » 22 Nov 2017

Yes I very interested if u are

by Sharee77 » 24 Nov 2017

Did you change your mind

by Atllife » 24 Nov 2017

Honestly we may have to bite the bullet and purchase the membership. I am open to talking here until then. I am open to purchasing a membership maybe sometime next week. How soon are you looking to get this done?

by Atllife » 24 Nov 2017

I am still interested. I am telling you that we will likely have to purchase membership to communicate.

by Atllife » 24 Nov 2017

But I believe you sent me a message already. Should I just check my messages and go from there?

by Atllife » 25 Nov 2017

No i havent changed my mine. We will just have to get a premium account so we can exchange information and talk from there. Please let me know here if you do it. I will probably do it sometime next week.

by Atllife » 25 Nov 2017

Hey I am interested still. Lets chat in the messages tho

by Atllife » 27 Nov 2017

I didnt change my mind. I will get an account within the next week or so. If you get one as well we would be able to chat much easier. But i am still very interested.

by Amlm29 » 29 Nov 2017

Are you still donating?

by tamd1 » 03 Dec 2017

Are you still interested in donating?

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